The innovation climate of an organization is one of the most important indicators of the potential of employees to show creative thinking and innovative behaviors. Individuals who work in an organization where the innovation climate exists and feel themselves as a part of the organization, are more willing to produce high-level original values and to take innovative approaches. At the same time, due to the innovation climate within the organization, it seems possible for employees to demonstrate organizational identification behavior at a high level. The aim of this study is to show how the climate of innovation has an impact on organizational identification in organizations. In this context, a survey was responded by 164 R&D employees working in the IT sector using convenient sampling method. The obtained data were tested by using statistical programs. The findings of the research show that the innovation climate has positive and meaningful relationship with organizational identification. Besides, it was found that the innovation promotion sub-dimension did affect organizational identification positively and meaningfully and there were no significant effects of blocking innovation and resource provision sub-dimensions on organizational identification.