BMIJ Author Form

Dear Author,

As the Editor of the Journal of Business & Management Studies: An International Journal (BMIJ), we created the Author Form as a single form by combining the three forms that we asked our authors to fill in, sign and send to the editorial office. The Author Form must be filled in, signed and sent to the journal editor before the start of the Peer Review Process after the article has passed the preliminary evaluation stage in the article application process.

In the Author Form;

Copyright Agreement Form,

Author Contributions Form and

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form

is combined.

It is important that these three forms are filled out carefully, signed, and sent to the editorials.

In the Author Contributions Form, the contributions of the authors to the study are determined. When the article is accepted for publication by a journal editor at the end of the referee evaluation process, the authors' contribution statements will also be included at the end of the article text. Since the Author's Contributions will be included in the text of the article and published, it is important that all authors carefully identify and sign the statements.

Below, you can access the Author Form and Author Form (Turkish version) files prepared in Turkish and English.


AUTHOR FORM                                 AUTHOR FORM (Turkish version)


Thanks and Best Regards

BMIJ Editor