Author Guidelines


  1. Business and Management Studies: An International Journal (BMIJ) is a peer-reviewed journal published four times per year. Papers can be written in Turkish or English. Scientific and original articles in business and management areas are published in the journal.
  2. Articles sent for publishing in the journal can be written in Turkish or English. Articles published in the journal should be proper with writing and linguistic rules. The scientific and linguistic responsibilities of the articles published in this journal belong to the author(s).
  3. All articles should be sent via the journal's website ( Author(s) should prepare their article properly to publish the journal and ethical rules. Articles which are not proper to rules are not evaluated. Likewise, articles published or submitted for publication elsewhere are not evaluated.
  4. BMIJ Journal recommends the IMRAD format for article content to authors. The IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format is the most prominent norm for constructing a scientific journal article in the original research type (Wikipedia). IMRAD format is the writing format that defines the work most originally. As an alternative to the IMRAD format, studies can be prepared with the traditional format. BMIJ Journal declares that it will prioritise the submissions prepared in IMRAD format in the acceptance of the submissions to the referee review process.
  5. Articles submitted to the journal are sent to at least two referees with the Editorial Board's decision. Finally, the articles submitted to the journal are published with the Editorial Board's decision after obtaining a positive opinion from at least two different referees.
  6. During the layout process, the author(s) should reply to the messages about controlling and editing the article within the specified period. If the author(s) do not reply to the messages within the specified period, their article is postponed to the following issue.
  7. Articles that completed their evaluation process are published considering their arrival date.
  8. More than one article by one author is not published in the same issue.
  9. Since the peer-review system blinds our journal, any information that would reveal the name and identity of the author(s) should not be included in the submitted studies.



  1. The length of studies sent for publishing should not exceed 25 pages, including the appendix and references section. Papers should be written using "Book Antiqua" in MS Word. Studies should be formatted on A4 paper. The margins of the paper should be 2,5 cm for all sides. Main headings should be 12 pt bold, subtitles 10 pt bold, text 10 pt regular, line spacing single line, one line spacing between paragraphs, paragraphs should be prepared in a page layout starting from the beginning of the line. Please click on the Article Submission File Template.
  2. The title of the article should be understandable and proper with the subject of the article.
  3. Articles sent for publishing must involve a minimum of one or a maximum of 3 JEL (journal of economic literature) classification codes at the two-digit level. The link below can be used to determine which JEL classification code is proper for the article's subject.
  4. Citations in text must be done according to APA's rules (American Psychological Association).  Notes must be added to footnotes with a font size of 8 font. In-text citations, the author's last name, year of publication, and page number of the publication for the source must appear in the text. If there is no author name, the institution name must be used instead of an author name. For example, (Yılmaz, 2008:15), (Öztürk and Akdoğan, 2010:225), (Öncü et al., 2005:10-12), (DPT, 2011:320).
  5. Studies must include Turkish and English abstracts which not exceed 170 words. At most, three keywords must be written below the abstract. Abstracts must be written regularly in eight font sizes. Line spacing should be single-spaced, and paragraphs should be justified on both the right and left sides.
  6. References must be written with a font size of 10 at the end of the paper. According to the authors' last names, references should be started after the last page of the text and listed in alphabetical order. If an author's more than one study is referred to, a source with an older publication date should be written first. If an author has more than one study in the same year referred to, alphabetical symbols (i.e. a,b,c..) must be used with the years in references and in-text citations. For example; 2010a, 2010b, 2010c, etc. If any author's single and more than one author's studies are referred to, their single-author study must be written first. References must be written based on APA citation rules. (e.g. Last Name, First letter of the first name. (Date), Study Name, Place of publication: Press.)
  7. The links below can be visited to get detailed information about APA citation rules.

    8. You can download the template file to be used in the article application by clicking the link

      9. You can visit the Layout Template (New) page for the layout file of the article formats in publication preparation.