Layout Template (New)

Dear Members!

We have prepared a TEMPLATE to be used in article submissions and when they are accepted for publication. You can download TEMPLATE files in Turkish and English from the following links:

MİZANPAJ ŞABLONU TR (YENİ)                                      LAYOUT TEMPLATE ENG (NEW)

When you download the TEMPLATE file and run it by double-clicking it, a new document will open in the Word program. You need to click Enable Content.


The TEMPLATE file allows you to use a template of the BMIJ JOURNAL ARTICLE LAYOUT. You can start article writing by running the TEMPLATE file and creating a NEW DOCUMENT. You can give any name you want while saving the new file.

If you wish, you can save the template file you have downloaded to the templates in the WORD program. Thus, while opening a new document in the WORD program, you can create a new document that can write an article using the BMIJ JOURNAL TEMPLATE FILE.


If you need help, please submit to

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BMIJ Editor