Total quality management is a management perception which has to increase quality and productivity in managements of all opportunities mobilised systematically to provide client satisfaction. To reach success in total quality management (TQM) perception depends on various reasons so satisfying the employees' request and expectations is quite essential for this success.  For this reason, providing increase of the employees' economic income in management gain parallel, increasing their motivation, presenting career opportunities to prove themselves, taking performance increase precautions and using awarding systems are necessary factors for TQM success.  The effect of total quality management which is practised in the sectors such as textile sector especially which requires employees' personal skills was researched on the basic factors which affects employees' performance.  The research was done by face to face technique with 275 staff working in textile managements in Bursa province.  In the conclusion of correlation and regression analysis, it was determined that total quality management has a positive effect on the employees' economic gain and motivation.