Health Institutes of Turkey (TÜSEB)/Turkish Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute (TÜSKA) Ankara University/Faculty of Health Sciences, Administration of Health Institutions, Ankara, Turkey
Ankara University/Faculty of Health Sciences, Administration of Health Institutions, Ankara, Turkey
Health Sciences University, Turkey Higher Specialization Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
Keziban AVCI
Türkiye Sağlık Enstitüleri Başkanlığı/ Türkiye Sağlık Hizmetleri Kalite ve Akreditasyon Enstitüsü

Published 2017-12-19

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GÖKMEN KAVAK, D., AĞIRBAŞ, İsmail, BALBAY, Y., & AVCI, K. (2017). COST ANALYSIS OF CORONARY INTERVENTIONS: TRANSRADIAL OR TRANSFEMORAL?. Business & Management Studies: An International Journal, 5(3), 640–653. https://doi.org/10.15295/bmij.v5i3.148


The purpose of this research is to conduct cost minimisation analysis of coronary angiography interventions with Transradial (TRA) and Transfemoral (TFA) approach. Thus, operators will be guided in relation with intervention selection and cardiovascular area on the subject matter will be enriched which is quite inadequate with a cost analysis sample. The research has been conducted by evaluating and examining of data of the patients who had coronary angiography. Population of the research consists of angiography interventions in the scope of the research carried out within the year of 2013 in a Cardiology Clinic of a tertiary hospital. Patient records were randomly selected. At the end of the research, the findings have revealed that the costs of TRA and TFA have been respectively Turkish Liras (TRY)746,214 and TRY 710,040. The cost of TRA approach is higher than TFA approach. On the other hand, experts’ opinion is that TRA approach is a more reliable alternative compared to TFA approach. In the selection process of the approach to be used by the operators, it would be beneficial for the patients when both the cost and results of the intervention are considered simultaneously. 


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