Catering firm provides food and service to any person or organization from outside. The catering firm is of great importance for the organizations receiving this service. The personnel working in organizations consume the meals offered by these firms. Meals have an impact directly on the performance of the personnel in organizations. Thus, organizations should be careful when choosing a catering firm. Many and conflicting criteria are considered in the selection of catering firm. Therefore, multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods can be used in the selection of catering firm. In this study, the selection of catering firm was made by using SWARA (Step-wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis) and MAIRCA (Multi Attribute Ideal-Real Comparative Analysis) methods. While criteria weights were obtained with SWARA method, the performances of alternatives were evaluated and ranked with MAIRCA method. The following criteria were taken into account in this selection process; Hygiene, Taste, Variety of Meals, Service Time, References, Service Quality and Price. Criteria weights were calculated by SWARA method. According to the results of this method, the most important criterion was determined as Hygiene criterion. Following the SWARA method, MAIRCA method was used to rank the alternatives. Four alternatives were evaluated in MAIRCA method. According to the results of MAIRCA method, the best alternative CF2 coded catering company has been determined.