Legislations and increased environmental awareness of customers have made it possible to structure the supply chain activities in a way that is less harmful to the environment in accordance with the green supplier chain management. Green supplier selection is an important factor in green supply chain management. In the green supplier selection, economic and environmental criterias are considered together. The green supplier selection problem includes uncertainty and fuzzy set theory is used in which decision makers can express their views in linguistic expressions. In the green supplier selection problem, multiple criteria decision making methods are very suitable for solving this problem when multiple alternatives are evaluated according to multiple criterias. The main purpose of this study is to perform green supplier selection using the proposed solution method in a green supplier selection environment where quantitative data are insufficient. In the proposed model, green supplier rankings were obtained by Fuzzy TOPSIS, Fuzzy Vikor, Fuzzy Gray Relational Analysis and Fuzzy Aras methods. Supplier selection and evaluation criterion weights were determined by fuzzy SWARA method and criterion weights were used as fuzzy numbers in multicriteria decision making problems in order to prevent loss of information. The proposed solution model has been applied to the green supplier selection process of an enterprise performing medium-sized urban furniture production. The comparative analysis for this case study indicates that four fuzzy methods arrive at identical supplier rankings. The basic and conceptual features of the four multi-criteria decision making methods used in the study were evaluated. It is concluded that gray relational analysis method is more suitable for this problem.