The contribution of universities to economic structure, social and physical insfrastructure, the quality of life and city, and the level of education cannot be regarded. Therefore, it should be provided that university campuses should be areas which reflect city image with their physical structures. In this regard, the effective administration, usage, and development of universities, and the coordination between the units of universities should also be provided. One of the most significant elements of this coordination and cooperation is on campus transportation. One of the main purposes of the thesis is to evaluate inner campus transportation which is the sub-unit of city transportation. Other purposes are to determine the reasons of the perception of the users in reference to their demographic features on campus transportation and the reasons of their preferences of a particular transportation option. A survey study has been conducted in order to measure inner campus transportation perceptions. In this regard, 1112 questionnaire forms have been analysed by the software programme of SPSS. Expression analysis of the reliability, frequency distribution and factors are obtained, and differences were identified by ANOVA and T-TEST analysis.