The concept of periodicity makes it possible to divide the operating life which is considered to be infinite by certain periods and make the operating results of each period comparable to other periods. In accordance with the concept of periodicity, various end-of-period transactions are performed in enterprises and one of these is the calculation of period profit and production costs. Financial reporting frameworks for the calculation of production costs include different applications depending on the nature and size of the enterprise where production is made. The aim of this study to be of service records to determine similarities and differences in production costs, financial reporting framework applied in Turkey, and this application is to demonstrate that the cost and profit differences revealed by the differences. In this context, accounting records have been made over sample applications for accounting of service production costs. As a result of the study, different findings were obtained both in production costs and profit of the company due to the differences in the application of financial reporting frameworks in an accommodation company of the same financial size. These differences in cost and profitability have a chaotic result in terms of providing information from the enterprise. This situation undermines the financial reports' consistency and comparability on a sectoral basis.