Paper and Paper Products in the printing and publishing sector, production costs have increased due to the recent dependence on imports. At this point, Paper and Paper Products Printing and Publishing sector has been preferred and the leading companies in the sector have been tried to be determined by multi-criteria decision making methods. In this study, the financial performances of the paper and paper products printing and publishing sector traded in Borsa Istanbul between the years of 2012-2017, which is one of the multi criteria decision making methods, are the most important decision making methods, PROMETHEE (Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation and COPRAS (Complex Proportional Assessment) methods. The research sample consisted of 14 companies listed in the BIST. Firstly, the financial ratios used in multi-criteria decision making methods were explained and then the application steps of TOPSİS, PROMETHEE and COPRAS methods were included. During the calculation of financial ratios, the financial statements of the related companies between the years 2012-2017 were used in the light of the data obtained from the Public Disclosure Platform. As a result of the research, the 6-period performance of the companies have rewieved, between the years 2012-2017 was evaluated with 10 financial ratios and the results were compared.