Keeping existing customers has become more important for busineses than the acquisition of a new customer in the context of both the globalization process and the intense competition lived within this period in all business sectors. Therefore, the determination of customer satisfaction has become one of the primary priorities of businesses. Goods and services produceers put emphasis on consumer satisfaction which is the one of the important issues, as well as residential producer individuals and businesses. Although there are numerous studies which dealt with the customer satisfaction issue in the literatüre, the number of studies made in the residential marketing field is so few that this matter has been the biggest motivation to perform this study. In this context, this study has been done to determine the customer satisfaction level reached by residential producers whose number is increasing day after day in Safranbolu. At the same time, the investigation has been conducted to determine residential buyers’ satisfaction in Safranbolu by using the face-to-face survey method with customers who led to 247 usable surveys. The obtained results evaluation shows, in a general way, that the participants who bought houses have gained a moderate level of satisfaction.