Gold is recognized as a symbol of power from past to present, as well as a means of accumulating change and wealth. On the other hand, while its easy processability and conductivity increase its usage area, it is mostly preferred as ornament and jewelery. However, gold is mostly excluded from the economy and inefficient use of financial resources is caused. This situation is tried to be prevented by the regulations made in recent years and thanks to gold banking, it is tried to be drawn into the financial system. In this study, after giving general information about gold banking and its economy, some of the transactions carried out by businesses with banks based on gold are discussed. In this context, transactions such as the use of gold credits, especially the time deposit accounts and demand deposits, are accounted for. These transactions are based on the Uniform Chart of Accounts of the Ministry of Finance of 1992. Thus, it is aimed to provide theoretical guidance to the business owners and practitioners in addition to providing theoretical contribution to the literature. This latter was the main area of focus in determining the method of the study.