Passengers using the airports are getting more and more publicity of airport services, with comments on various platforms such as Skytrax, TripAdvisor and Google Rewievs. On these platforms, they can evaluate and rate various aspects of airport services. The main purpose of the study is to suggest the airport passengers' behavior to recommend the airport; the reasons for using the airport (transit, incoming-outgoing), travel purposes (holiday-work) and the quality of the perceived service quality variables. For this purpose, the evaluation scores obtained from www.airlinequality.com website were analyzed. The logistic regression model examines the perceived quality of service and how passengers are influenced by travel intentions and types, coded as categorical data such as recommending and advising travelers to recommend airport services. As a result of the analysis, it was found that there was a significant relationship between the seating areas in the airport, the directions of the guiding signs and the terminal staff variables and the behavior of the airport where the passengers were receiving service. It was determined that there was no significant relationship between the purpose of travel (work / holiday), reason for using the airport (incoming-outgoing / transit), time spent in the queue and cleaning of the terminal.