Neuromarketing which emerged in recent years assumes that brain contains information that hidden personal preferences and has a relationship between brain activity and verbal preferences. Based on that relationship, neuromarketing utilize the various techniques used in medicine to figure out consumers and create consumer marketing strategies. The techniques utilized in neuromarketing causes moral concerns about gain commercial purposes of the data obtained from consumers. In this context, the purpose of this study is examine neuromarketing and discuss it’s ethical aspects through practitioner’s perpective. For this purpose, the field of research constitute marketing research companies that apply neuromarketing techniques which located in Istanbul. Of the aforementioned companies, since Thinkneuro and Affectspots agreed to participate in this research, were determined as the sample of the study. The data obtained by interview with the managers of the two companies and descriptive analysis result has been observed that different approaches. As a result of research, the statements of companies has overlapped with literature. The assessments of companies’ about ethical aspects of neuromarketing discussed according to teleological and deontological approach of ethics.