The aim of this study is to evaluate the ecological worldview of the tourists/recreationists participating in the photo safari activity and to investigate the relationship between the participants' demographic characteristics and ecological worldview. The population of his research is the photo safari activity in Bingöl. In the research, questionnaire form was used as data collection technique. A total of 436 participants were reached. After analyzing the validity, reliability and normality tests of the ecological worldview scale, the research questions and hypotheses were tested. According to the results of the research, the average of the participants' ecological worldview was found to be 3.87. The most common statement of the participants was “Plants and animals have as much right as humans to exist” (X = 4,10). In addition, as the educational level of the participants increased, ecological worldview also increased (F=5,505, p=0,000). On the other hand, no relationship was found between the participants' gender (p=0,182), marital status (p=0,225) and age (F=1,104, p=0,347) and ecological worldview.