Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The submission to be sent to our journal should not be published or submitted to another journal before.
  • Because of the double blind refeering method, author's name should not be written on the article.
  • Author(s) of the studies acknowledge that their studies can be published in any issue of the journal which is determined by the editor.
  • Form of the text should be as follows: Paper format is A4, margins are 2,5 cm on both edges, main title is 14nk bold, sub-headings are 12nk bold, text is 12nk regular, line space is 1,5 line, paragraph space is 6nk, paragraphs are indented 1.25 cm.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in About the Journal.
  • While applying for the texts with two or more authors, all authors should be added according to “the Order on the Text” and an author should be identified as “the first contact person for editorial communication”.
  • Submission files must be smaller than 1 MB in word file format and size. Please click for BMIJ MMS ENG.
  • For cancellation of assessment and publication, texts submitted to the journal can be withdrawn within 7 days at the latest as from the application date by the author(s). After 7 days, texts cannot be withdrawn even if they have been taken into referee assessment process.
  • In the articles to be submitted in English language, linguistic evaluation is done after the submission is accepted to be scientific. In English articles, when the author(s) have been accepted by the editor for publication, the submission is found to be sufficient for scientific publishing. If the submission is not sufficient for publishing as a result of linguistic evaluation, or if the linguistic corrections requested by the submission are not fulfilled by the author(s), the submission is rejected. The author(s) applying for an article in English will have accepted the result of linguistic evaluation. Please refer to the Linguistics Assessment page under the Manuscript Review menu for the linguistic evaluation process.
  • Texts will be checked for plagiarism and articles with a plagiarism rate above 20% will not be assessed and will be rejected.
  • It is necessary for our all subscribers as Reader, Author, Referee and Editor to add their ORCID Number to their registration information. Assessment process for articles from authors who have not entered their ORCID Number will not be started.
    You can get your individual ORCID for free at
  • Please pay $100 to the journal bank account as the submision fee. For more information, please see the Article Application And Publication Fee page ( under the Manuscript Review menu.
  • Please visit the Journal Workflow Schema page under the heading "About" on the main page for the publication evaluation process and workflow chart in our papers.
  • In the applications submitted to our journal, the studies will be taken into consideration by the editor in terms of scientific competence and the studies whose scientific competence is not approved will be rejected without any processing.
  • From the year 2019, the condition of specifying the type of studies (Research, Review, ...) published in journals in TR Dizin database has been stipulated. Please state the type of your work at the top of your work when submitting your work to our journal.
  • Re-applications are not accepted for the articles which are rejected in BMIJ Journal.
  • In the studies with the decision of "Revisions Required" as the editor's decision, the authors complete the revisions within 10 (ten) days and upload them to the journal system. When this period is exceeded for the upload of the revisions, the journal editor can give the rejection / unpublished decision.
  • In the studies where the decision of the editor is "Re-review After Revisions", the authors complete the corrections within 15 (fifteen) days and upload them to the journal system. When this period is exceeded for the installation of the corrections, the journal editor makes the rejection / unpublished decision.
  • In the articles to be submitted in Turkish language the Extended Abstract sections linguistic evaluation is done after the submission is accepted to be scientific. If the Extended Abstract section is not sufficient for publishing as a result of linguistic evaluation, or if the linguistic corrections requested by the Extended Abstract are not fulfilled by the author(s), the submission is rejected. Articles that are inadequate as a result of Linguistics Control will not be included in the publication plan without making corrections.
  • Çalışmanızdaki anket uygulaması için ETİK KURUL İZİN BELGESİ aldıysanız bu belgeyi GÖNDERİ sekmesi altında Dosya Yükle kısmından ETİK KURUL BELGESİ dosya türü ile lütfen dergi sistemine yükleyiniz. ETİK KURUL İZİN BELGESİ yayına kabul edilen çalışmalarda çalışmanın en sonuna eklenecektir.

Author Guidelines


1. Business and Management Studies: An International Journal (BMIJ) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published four times per year. Papers can be written in Turkish or English. Scientific and original articles in business and management areas are published in the journal.

2. Articles which are sent to publish in the journal can be written in Turkish or English. Articles which will be published in the journal should be proper with writing and linguistic rules. Scientific and linguistic responsibilities of the articles published in this journal belong to the author(s).

3. All articles should be sent via web site of the journal ( Author(s) should prepare their article proper to publication rules of the journal and ethic rules. Articles which are not proper to rules are not evaluated. Articles published or submitted for publication elsewhere are not evaluated.

4. Articles sent to the journal are presented the evaluation of two referees by editorial board decision. Articles sent to the journal are published by editorial board decision after the referees’ positive opinion is taken.

5. During the layout process is running, author(s) should reply the messages, which are about controlling and editing article, within the specified period. If author(s) don’t reply the messages within the specified period, their article is postponed to following issue.

6. Articles that completed their evaluation process, are published considering their arrival date.

7. More than one articles of one author are not published in same issue.



1. Length of studies which are sent to publish should not exceed 20 pages including appendix and references section. Papers should be written using “Times New Roman” in MS Word. Studies should be formatted on A4 paper. The margins of paper should be 2,5 cm for all sides. Main headings should be written using 14 nk bold, sub-headings should be written using 12 nk bold, paragraphs should be written using 12 nk normal font. All material should be one and half spaced and paragraph spacing should be 6 nk. The first line of the paragraph should be indented by 1,25 cm.

2. Title of article should be comprehensible and proper with subject of the article.

3. Articles which are sent to publish must be must involve minimum 1 or maximum 3 JEL (journal of economic literature) classification codes at two digit level. The link below can be used to determine which JEL classification code is proper with subject of the article.

4. Citations in text must be done according to the rules determined by APA (American Psychological Association).  Notes must be added into footnotes with a font size of 8 font. In text citations, the author’s last name and the year of publication and page number of the publication for the source must appear in the text. If there is not an author name, institution name must be used instead of author name. For example (Yılmaz, 2008:15), (Öztürk and Akdoğan, 2010:225), (Öncü et al., 2005:10-12), (DPT, 2011:320).

5. Studies must include Turkish and English abstracts which not exceed 150 words. At most three key words must be written below the abstract. Abstracts must be written using italic, 10 font size. Line spacing should be single-spaced and paragraphs should be justified both right and left sides.

6. Subsections of the article must be numbered as 1. (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, etc. in hierarchical numbers starting from introduction section.

7. References must be written with a font size of 10 at the end of paper. References should be started after last page of the text and listed with alphabetical order according to last name of authors If an author’s more than one studies is referred, source which has older publication date should be written first. If an author has more than one studies in the same year is referred, alphabetical symbols (i.e. a,b,c..) must be used with the years in references and also in text citations. For example; 2010a, 2010b, 2010c, etc. If any author’s single and more than one author’s studies are referred, his/her single author study must be written first. References must be written based on APA citation rules. (e.g. Last Name, First letter of first name. (Date), Name of Study, Place of publication: Press.)

8. The links below could be visited to get detailed information about APA citation rules.