There is considerable literature on Psychological Contract Fulfilment and other employee attitudes and behaviours. Similarly, there is increasing literature on well-being at work, the well-being process and short measures of psychosocial concepts.

Aims and objectives

The first aim of the present study was to develop short measures of employee attitudes and behaviours and validate these by examining associations with longer established measures. The second aim was to examine associations of these short measures with Psychological Contract Fulfilment and aspects of well-being.


The study involved an online survey of 166 workers from the USA recruited using Mechanical Turk and delivered using Qualtrics software. The survey included established measures and the newly developed short items.


There were high correlations between short items and established measures. The short items were associated with Psychological Contract Fulfilment and the well-being variables in the predicted direction.


The new short items can be used in future multi-variate analyses of the well-being of workers. This will lead to an increase in our knowledge and the development of new models that can be of theoretical and practical significance.[KF1] 

 [KF1]NB/ guidelines say that it should be 150 words or less