The aim of this research is to bring the concept of Self-Expectation for Organizational Improvement” (SEOI) to the field of organizational psychology and to develop a measurement tool by forming the theoretical-empirical background of this concept. In the study, firstly, the theoretical framework related to the concept of SEOI was established and the concept of SEOI defined as follows; independent of the planned actions of the organization management, self-expectations that the individual has designed completely in his/her own mind and that there will be positive improvements and developments within himself/herself, with the individuals around him/her, and in the organization. Subsequently, a pool of items was created in accordance with the theoretical framework, a draft scale was obtained and a pilot study was conducted with 87 employees to determine the validity and reliability of this draft scale. In the analysis, a two-factor structure was obtained from the draft scale and it was found that this structure met the reliability and validity criteria. This factor structure was then tested on the main sample of 274 employees. All findings of the statistical analyses on the data obtained from the pilot study and the main sample showed that the developed scale had scientific validity and reliability and the scale was sufficient to be used in scientific researches.