Gambling is forbidden in Turkey, but betting games are free. Therefore, criminal sanctions are imposed for gambling. Betting games are increasing their activities under the legal umbrella day by day. Society's interest in the games in question is also increasing over time. In this study, bilyoner.com, nesine.com, misli.com, oley.com, tuttur.com, and birebin.com, which have an electronic dealership contract, were investigated. The State organizes betting games through its National Lottery Administration, Sports Toto Organization and the Jockey Club of Turkey. Games of betting have one name, which is gambling. The ease of access to online betting sites over the internet also enhances the frequency of playing these games. Online betting sites should also be covered by the ban to protect the health of the community. Access to the sites that legal play online betting games must be prohibited. This paper reviews the field works as a research method.