This study was carried out to examine the total factor productivity and the change in total factor productivity of the emergency services in Turkey between the years 2013-2016. In this context, total factor productivity of emergency services was calculated by the method of Malmquist indeks using the input and output variables in 81 provinces in Turkey. From the results of the study, it is conluded that emergency servises in Turkey have been generally operated efficiently during the 2013-2016 period, and there were some decline in 2014-2015 in terms of change in Malmquist total factor productivity and its components In the decline in 2014-2015 period, it was evaluated that there was no success in input control especially in terms of the number of physicians. It is considered that the number of ambulances and other health personnel are important factors in the short-term access to emergency cases and that the especially being carreful increase in the number of physicians while increasing the other inputs will increase the efficiency.