Hospitals are institutions that appeal to a broad target audience. Changing expectations of the target audience has brought the necessity of adapting to internet technologies in hospitals. Like many institutions today and in the future, the most important representation tool in hospitals will be their sites and applications on the web. Before the target audience chooses the institution or the doctor, they carry out a part of their preliminary research on the internet, make appointments in hospital processes, and obtain the test result services from the internet and want to make use of communication facilities when necessary. It is known that the relationship between the hospital and the patient necessitates face-to-face communication; Besides, there is an active use of the internet in areas that do not require face-to-face communication. In the scope of the study, the web sites of the hospitals were handled and the use and importance of the web sites in terms of corporate culture, identity and interaction areas were emphasized. With this research, aimed to evaluate whether there ara related issues on the Turkey state universities web sites. Research was carried out for 55 university hospitals in Turkey. The content analysis method was used in this study. Coding forms consisting of a total of 56 items including the main categories of corporate culture, identity, general information, contact information and interaction fields were used. Most of the websites which is researched do not contain some information. Therefore, it is suggested that more studies should be carried out especially on corporate culture, identity and interaction areas.