One of the ways in which the enterprises have applied recently due to difficulties in cash shortage, some unforeseen reasons and difficulties in paying their debts in their maturities is the concordat. With concordat, debtors are getting rid of some of their debts, while creditors give up some of their debts. Consequently, concordat is a matter that concerns both the debtor and the creditor. In order for the creditors to give up a portion of the debt, the debtor is obliged to present their debts with the project of conciliation if they are not in a position to pay their debts and if they can configure the debt. The aim of the study is to provide some kind of guidance by explaining the financial statements to be prepared by the companies that announced the concordat in the project preparation stage. For this purpose, the case analysis was conducted on an enterprise declaring concordat. In the relevant case analysis, the current status of the business, the situation in the event of bankruptcy and the status of the concordant are presented through the financial statements. As a result of the research, the concordat project has been revealed correctly and the financial data shows how to improve the financial position of the enterprise.