In this study, we addressed what Turkish Accounting Standards(TAS) the foreign trade transactions legislation. Concepts of import and export, which have gained significance with the globalization, should are more associated with, and the conformity and differences between those associated standards and tax complications in practices. In addition, it also should comply with our country's tax laws. It has been aimed to assess what accounting standards the foreign trade transactions constituting a great importance for Turkey are associated with in terms of Tax Procedure Law, and to evaluate their compliance with the applicable law. For this purpose, with a literature review, the study was completed by examining within theoretical frame.  As a result, along with the foreign trade that has developed with the effect of globalization, there has arisen a necessity for globalization of accounting as well; and countries have embraced international standards and started to create their accounting records regarding the foreign trade. However, with Tax Procedure Law, Turkey Accounting Standard has been found to be consistent with international standards of accounting standards. Minor differences have to be fulfilled by the new Tax Procedure Law.