Recently various economic activity branches in Turkey has increased the business volume. These recoveries also has caused negative effects on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases while bringing positive effects to many fields. When The Social Security Institution (SSI) Statistical Year book of theYear 2016 is examined in detail, it is seen that the degree of injury to healt hand safety problems after the work accident is distributed in the range of loss of life by being able to continue work on the accident day. When the work accidents in our country are evaluated on the agenda, they are generally regarded as these ctors that have the highest number of work accidents or these ctors with the highest mortal accidents. Sectors with a higher number of employees than other sectors are at the forefront. In this article, the cases of equal number of victims from each sector and their impacts from accident results were examined. Sectors were ranked according to the degree of injury affected by the accident, and the results were evaluated. Based on the degree of injury to the survivor, each criterion was firstly weighted with the Entropy method, and then the results ranked by the MAUT method.