The primary objective of this study is to define the concept of the therapy study which is new in Turkish literature. Another aim of the study is to reveal whether or not retail therapy differs in personality characteristics. In the Turkish literature, no studies on retail therapy have been found. The personality traits of the study were determined based on the 5 factor personality traits. The research was carried out by simple random sampling method and data from 386 participants were collected by face to face survey method. In this study, the Therapy Consumption Scale and the Five Factor Personality Scale were used as data collection tools. The collected data were analyzed with SPSS 22 package program. According to the findings, it was determined that retail therapy differed according to neurotic and honest personality traits. According to these results, it can be said that individuals who have more neurotic and honest personality traits perceive more positively against retail therapy. In the other personality traits, no statistical difference was found in terms of retail consumption. It is expected that the study will gain a new concept in Turkish literature and the subject will be enriched with other studies in the future.