[BMIJ] Important Annoucement!

Dear Members,

We would like to give some important announcement about BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT STUDIES: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL (BMIJ):

1. The journal system (OJS) version we used as our web page for our journal increased to version. We aim to minimize the error rate in the journal system after the upgrade. In addition, article and number statistics will start to work well.

2. The new submissions will be available at bmij.org, which is now available. http://www.bmij.org/eskisite/index.php/1 is currently available for ongoing evaluation of the articles. For ongoing evaluation articles, our referees and authors will be able to log in and conduct their transactions with the link http://www.bmij.org/eskisite/index.php/1.

3. We updated the OJS version of our journal and started using the new theme. We think that this theme will be more useful and look better.

4. By 2017, we have decided to increase the number of articles we publish. Before 2017, we published with 6-7 articles in each issue. In 2017, we plan to keep around 10-12 articles per issue. We have decided to increase the number of articles per issue due to the increase in article submissions. Thank you very much for your interest.

5. We are in the process of applying for and accepting international indexes. The accepted index information can be found on the index page under the main page of the journal and at http://www.bmij.org/indeks.pdf. We also agreed to be scanned in the Econlit Database. We will soon announce the indeks.pdf page.

6. In order for the referee to be appointed in the process of evaluating the articles coming to our journal, the REFEREE BOARD
(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19qzS0XvsztW-8HsssASdu0YN3U4p1tx92I2SfEA04zc/edit#gid=622562269) As a GOOGLE E-TABLES file on the link, everyone will have access to open access and information on the table. We expect our referees to update their information as soon as possible. Referee appointments shall be made in accordance with the information in this table. In addition, the number of
tasks our referees take and how many articles they evaluate can be seen as open access.

7. Our goal is to be indexed international indexes by searching SCOPUS, EBSCO, PROQUEST and Thomson-Reuters EMERGING SOURCES CITATION INDEX (ESCI)

Thank you very much for your interest in our journal.
Assoc. Dr. Ali Caglar CAKMAK