With the establishment of the employment contract in legal terms, mutual debts arising from the contract between the workers and employer parties are formed. In addition to the shortcomings in the fulfillment of these debts arising from the employment contract, the current problems arise in the relations between the workers and the employers as a result of the increasing competition between enterprises, changing technology and working methods. Unlike traditional labor stress sources stemming from the work itself or the organization, psychological harassment (mobbing), glass ceiling and burnout syndromes are experienced especially in today's employer's principle of equality and avoidance of debt. Furthermore, the shortcomings of the employer's loyalty debt and the shortcomings in the obligation to protect and protect the worker, which is the equivalent of the loyalty of the worker, cause the employees to experience different sources of up-to-date stress such as job insecurity and the changed direction of the workforce (emotional labor and aesthetic labor). With this study, it is aimed to examine the debts of the parties arising from the employment contract with the legal framework and to raise awareness by evaluating the current problems in terms of the employees.