The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of advertising on consumers. Accordingly, evaluations of advertisements, brands and consumption using CAPI technique were analyzed with the help of CAPI technique. In the research Konya Şeker A.Ş. Torku 's No: 1 Chocolate Wafer product for Father' s Day 's special advertising film was examined. The research was carried out on three big cities, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. 335 significant data have been reached. According to the survey, four headings appeared on the foreground. These; product relationship, brand relationship, advertising relationship and communication. At the end of the research, the contribution of the film to the product is low but the contribution to the brand is high. The fact that Pascal Nouma's display of Turkish values is positive and the reasoning of logos is high represents strong areas. Longer-coded sections have been largely focused on subtitles rather than ad titles. The ad has appealed more to the male segment because of the special attractiveness of the father's day. In this respect, the company should adopt a more holistic communication policy.