The ready wear sector is heavily influenced by consumers' purchasing behavior with the continuous changing consumer profile. Because of this, businesses should closely monitor consumer preferences. In fact, the perceptual differences in the consumers' minds; sometimes it can be a shape or even a color. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of colors on consumer purchases of ready wear products. Survey technique was used in the study. The research population consists of consumers living in Düzce province. The sample size is 400 in this study where the easily sampling method is used. In the study using SPSS package program; frequency, ANOVA, Independent Sample T-test and factor analysis were conducted. Five dimensions emerged as a result of the factor analysis. These dimensions; Personality Structure, Casuality, Culture, Social Environment and Psychological Situation. Significant differences were also found according to the Independent Sample T-test and ANOVA test results. In addition, according to the results of factor analysis, the average personality and culture dimensions are higher. In the light of these results, it is understood that consumers pay more attention to these factors. In similar studies to be done later, the effects of colors on consumer purchases of ready wear with different dimensions can be investigated.