According to branding and reputation literature, all stakeholders shares a common value system, which also leads developing similar perceptions towards corporates. As a value, materialism, especially effects the way that people mentally coding their environment and their lives. Preferences of consumers can differ from each other depending on how they judge the success depending on possessions or centralize the possessions in their life or are satisfied by owning them. The aim of this research is to test meaningful differences between employer brand images in terms of stakeholders’ material value tendency. A questionnaire composed of Employer Brand Image and Material Value Scales was conducted to three primary stakeholder groups. Results reveal that employer brand image differs depending on the stakeholders’ success-oriented and centrality-oriented material values for communication brands. The employer brand images of Vodafone and Turk Telekom that have the best and the worst reputation status in the market depending on being involved in a serious scandal, did not differ according to the stakeholders’ material values, whereas the employer brand image of Turkcell which has an average position in the market, statistically differed.