Development and the supporting of entrepreneurship which plays a major role in the development of national economies are extremely important in terms of countries. For this purpose, based on the rule of competitive superiority in today's world, state policies encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship have been implemented by the countries.  In this study, comparing results of Entrepreneurship test of applicants of Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings that was organized by KOSGEB, firstly, it is mentioned of the concepts of the entrepreneurship that is the key of improvement of the competitiveness between countries and economic development, types of entrepreneurship and finally about supports of KOSGEB and the other institutions for the entrepreneurship. Then, a detailed information is given about KOSGEB’s (that runs programs in order to support the development of entrepreneurship) Applied Entrepreneurship Training. In this context, survey studies have been conducted for the candidate entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the support of entrepreneurship.255 candidate entrepreneurs who apply for Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings that was organized by KOSGEB took place in this study. According to test results; male candidates, candidates having bachelor or master degree and candidates who are between 25 and 35 years old are more successful than others in terms of gender, level of education and age groups, respectively. In addition, since overall success level in tests is high, it is revealed that entrepreneurial potential is high.