Traditional research methods are inadequate to predict and explain consumer behavior accurately in some cases. Marketing discipline tries to benefit from new technological developments in order to make up the deficiency subjects’ competence and willingness to express how they feel when they face with stimulus in traditional data collection method has an effect on the success of the method. In traditional methods, subjects often cannot remember or know the correct answer, or even if they know the answer they will give answers that satisfy the researcher. The inadequacy in traditional techniques has driven the researchers to evaluate the
consumer response more accurately. It is observed that in recent years neuromarketing techniques began to be used extensively to measure consumer responses accurate in marketing field. Although neuromarketing is commonly used in marketing field, there are some questions about the efficiency of the method. This study emphasizes the efficiency on the general evaluation of neuromarketing techniques and criticism of it. The aim of this study is to indicate the historical development of application of neuro science on marketing and consumer behavior, and to establish the future of neuro science, its opportunities and threats.