In globalizing world which removed all the borders, and thus transportation of goods with minimum price is required. Up to the present, there has not been found any solution instead of transportation. Turkey, as one of the world countries, giving preference transportation (passenger or cargo) by road has increased the cost of logistic sector. The being 95 % of road transportation in all transportation systems and not to care about other ways of transportation has caused much loss of life and property every year. The importance of logistic industry in recent years has begun to be noticed and tried to be renewed by many people. In this study, improving logistic sector and logistics management in Turkey and outsourcing were overemphasized. So, failures were analysed and looked for any way to solve problems. In actuality, to bring down the cost and compete with other companies, we have to get under control the transportation and discipline it. Also, it shouldn't be forgotten that outsourcing will cause competitive advantage in transportation sector. The service quality of outsourcing depends on the expertise of the instution. In addition, container transportation system which has made progress since the 1980s has become very significant. Container transportation that is from a port to port raised the importance of harbours more. Container transportation system has led to the emergence of the concept of ''terminal''. Thanks to container terminals, logistic services have become economic, efficient and more secure. Especially in our country, as a result of privatization, a large part of ports have been transferred to private companies and these companies have made necessary studies for bottom structure of their ports and pave the way for working properly. And this can be a good model as a development of logistic sector in our country.